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Ariel Publishing, LLC Welcomes You

The New Chicago Publisher

At Ariel Publishing, LLC, we’re in the process of producing great works since the beginning of 2020. We specialize in helping exceptional authors share their words with the public and publish our titles in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook format.

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We publish poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and art online and in print

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein 

Art: "Chicago" by Sabrina Jovic

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A small press with a big dream...

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About Us

Ariel Publishing, LLC is a trusted Publisher with an impressive list of talented authors. While we started out as a traditional Publisher, we’ve evolved to keep up with current trends in publishing and now offer many of our works in digital and audio formats.

We especially pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with both authors and literary agents. These important elements are why we consistently aim to publish high-quality and popular books. Contact us to find out more.

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We Offer a Wide Selection of Products & Services. Check out the Submission calls, critique options, and new releases below

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“I cannot live without books”

Thomas Jefferson

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Beautiful Words

an online literary publication by Ariel Publishing, LLC

Since the first week of 2020, authors have trusted Ariel Publishing, LLC to edit, publish, and promote their poems, stories, and books. We are always on the lookout for fresh and new talent and are firmly committed to all our authors.
Ariel Publishing, LLC believes in the Power of the Written Word.

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Recent Online Publication

Some of the best poetry & prose that will leave you thinking about the words long after you close these pages.
Also check out the beautiful art we showcase in our online Art Gallery.

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