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Table of Content

Aztrid Moan

Mask Up - Artwork

Leslie Cox

Persevering Through Pandemic - Creative Nonfiction

Gwynneth Green

Cannot Find My Voice * Art Photograpy *

Anne P. Wheeler

Time Melts, Reflections of an Introvert on Staying at Home in a Pandemic: Week 4 - Poetry

Kathy Sinclair

Locked Down - Poetry

Wendy Goodman

Catch You Later - Creative Nonfiction

Rana Bitar

Reeling the Unreal, Corona & Canter, and Evolution - Poetry

Cassandra Crossing

The Things that I Don't Like - Creative Nonfiction

Kimberly Shyu

Look Around *Art*, Look Around - Poetry

Daniel Westreich

"Crownshy" sonnets Excerpt - Poetry

Jennifer Howitt

Bone Ache - Poetry

Table of Content Cov-19 Issue 2: List
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