Compartmentalize This by Samantha Terrell

Photo by Michael Aleo

I don’t want to compartmentalize anymore,

Now that I know what all the compartmentalizing is for.

Divvying up our hopes into neatly wrapped

Parcel packages,

Might serve as a good distraction

From instant gratification,

While en-route to far off goals, but soon the mentality

That gift baskets comprise reality,

Creates falsehood,

Making us dissatisfied,

Endlessly seeking what doesn’t exist.

At the end of the pursuit, a mountainous pile of boxes awaits.

Anxiously, we snap open the twine,

Only to find,


That inside, every box is empty.


The Author

Samantha Terrell is an American poet whose work emphasizes social justice and emotional

integrity. Her poetry has been published in a variety of chapbooks and journals, including:

Algebra of Owls, Dissident Voice, Dove Tales by Writing for Peace, the Ebola chapbook by

West Chester University (PA), Knot Magazine, Lucky Jefferson, Peeking Cat Poetry, Poetry

Quarterly and others. Raised in the Midwest, Samantha and her family now reside in Upstate

New York.

Samantha Terrell

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