Art by Stephanie Corne with Poem by Chris McNally

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Accompanying Poem by Chris McNally

Poles Apart


Every heart is a ladder And a bridge is out walking

Every story has two endings

When every door is a stranger

A man is a hunger His hunger is mounting On mountains of steps Two eyes on his shoelace Half a mind in the sky Duty is his daily bread

Aspiration a twinkle Above the forest line of worry

Every song is a mountain

With a voice climbing up it

Every ceiling has a stairway

Or it could not be flying

The shoreline rocks the tide

The sea swallows its dreams

Every boot is felt pounding

Out the back beat of this town

As the days roll in And the seasons roll on

This hunger growls for something

Square truth is too, too that Real life syncopates Broadway shakes up the avenues

Till the buildings all go cockeyed

And still demand a King’s ransom

He’s hungry for ornament To bring life to his structure A load-attracting bearing member

In need of a rebirth

Rhythm without explanation, that’s what

Once you’ve been there long enough

You play it while it plays you A suite for rough fingers


Forgetting is deaf mind

The sky is out stalking

Between the glass cages It stares in vacant mirrors

Until blind birds fall off it

And Narcissus didn’t know

Not to eat his own image

And the people walk past it

Like a permanent umbrella

Every untimely withered leaf

Is a dying angel of trust

Every step is a branch On a tree with many pasts

Every sky that is scraped

Will sow long shadows Every shadow that’s thrown

Forgets its secrets Where they are buried

There’s a soothsayer rambling

There’s a soothsayer His eyes are black lightning

He is rambling To the river of ears Full of tiny white thunder

Siren-singing from the shores

Weakening the untethered race

The Apocalypse is dressing

Meticulously for the bash In grays and in blues Other colors are at auction While men listen mutely And raise their numbered signs wanly

Forgetting is buried mind


Every action has a sister She is pulled Through a tunnel at both ends

To teach someone’s children

She leads them unforgettably

By the hand with its own love

Across the rivers of metal

Inside a sea of eight million

Spangled oceans

They take her sunlight rightly As a grant to their innocence And don’t look up to say goodbye

She braces and descends Below their indifferent buildings To swim to her perfect table waiting Single purple flower leaning Held in place by the chip on the lip Of the slender Lalique vase That was a gift from her aunt She lays her chin on her palm Sighing to herself as a sylph In an earthen world While dinner simmers on the electric stove

At 8:00 weeknights

This day she is hooked loose

From the river of habit A shaman casting about

Snags her sensibility

Every untimely withered leaf Is a crying angel he says Tears of recognition Spring from a perfect loneliness

Standing with her book near the edge

As her train leaves the station Safer now in danger than in safety A petal falls to the napkin

From her waiting flower

Every end has a beginning

Every mercy is a ship With 10,000 stars hoisted

Each star a windless harbor

He stands on the same edge

Panting for all his mounting 8 million oceans And one skipped heartbeat away

From her syncopation

The hero prepares But now is not for thinking

He asks why she is crying

Holds out a white rag flying

With a star in his eye

There is no thunder in her ears

Except for the sound of his voice

His breath is an arrow Her blood rushes to it

Every wound an echo

Of an ached-for ending

Their faces become trust

Their bodies become dancers

Their dances become children

They string iron truth Into the eternal bow

She sees herself as a sylph He sees her as a symphony He sees himself a working stiff

She makes him feel like a million

This is why we need each other

Every embrace is a beginning

At the end of an emptiness

Every heartache a ribbon Of a trusting angel


The Artist

Stephanie Corne is a New York based-French painter and multimedia artist. In 2016 alone, her hybrid and experimental art traveled across the world to be featured in exhibits in France, India, and cities throughout the United States, a testament to the global interest in her art. Corne’s “Vitiligo” project transformed the traditional canvas workspace into a multidimensional stage, as she painted her subjects in real time, similar to “Facemotions” and “Embodiment”. The series garnered significant attention from and for its evocative content, function as a healing tool and social commentary, and innovative presentation format. Currently, Corne is developing a series on NYC and its inhabitants with acrylic on canvas to render her experiences of the city she has lived in for 25 years. Her format for this series is 72’’ x 22’’, giving a human size to the monumental element of NYC. Stephanie Corne’s art is rooted in both the ‘personal’ and the ‘political’, often existing in the liminal space between intimate and provocative. She also just finished a series called “On Nature” and which theme is the power for Nature to renew itself as well as our responsibility to protect it.


Colorful Abstractions: International Online Juried Art Exhibition, Fusion Art

December 2019