Corne, Stephanie


Stephanie Corne is a New York based-French painter and multimedia artist. In 2016 alone, her hybrid and experimental art traveled across the world to be featured in exhibits in France, India, and cities throughout the United States, a testament to the global interest in her art. Corne’s “Vitiligo” project transformed the traditional canvas workspace into a multidimensional stage, as she painted her subjects in real time, similar to “Facemotions” and “Embodiment”. The series garnered significant attention from and for its evocative content, function as a healing tool and social commentary, and innovative presentation format. Currently, Corne is developing a series on NYC and its inhabitants with acrylic on canvas to render her experiences of the city she has lived in for 25 years. Her format for this series is 72’’ x 22’’, giving a human size to the monumental element of NYC. Stephanie Corne’s art is rooted in both the ‘personal’ and the ‘political’, often existing in the liminal space between intimate and provocative. She also just finished a series called “On Nature” and which theme is the power for Nature to renew itself as well as our responsibility to protect it.